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Class Philosophy

Confidence : Connection : Transformation

Melodye knows that a great dance class can revitalize you! No matter what your goal is for participating in class Melodye hopes you find a chance to let loose and escape so you'll leave feeling seen and energized! This is a perfect place for strong movers to comfortably train their inner dancer and gain confidence for those dance calls! Simultaneously it's a wonderful chance for trained dancers to enhance their storytelling and ability to connect to their audience. Melodye aspires for every dancer in her class to grow in strength, technique, performance and most of all self-confidence. This class will feature various musicals and therefore dancers will experience choreography that has Contemporary, Hip-Hop and Jazz influences. This is a positive, high-energy opportunity to grow in artistry and commitment to character. Melodye hopes you'll enjoy the freedom that dancing brings as we motivate and inspire ourselves and each other!

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