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Kids with Capes

Birthday Parties

45 minutes of Personalized Entertainment to Celebrate your Dancer's Special Day

Birthdays are such a special time! We have to celebrate right! Superheroes, Princesses, Pop Stars or Your dancer's own special theme! We offer High Energy, non-stop fun specifically curated for your Birthday Child. From their favorite songs and genre of dance to a special choreographed dance. Fun for all ages and levels of dance. It will be a birthday to remember! Be sure to check out the Add Ons.

$30 per guest (neg)
Birthday Child dances for FREE

Birthday Parties: Team Members


Each add-on will add a little time and excitement to your party package! Prices apply for 10 guest or less.

Birthday Parties: About
Kids in Art Class
Face Painting

Simple Themed Craft

  • Adds 20 minutes to Party

  • $125 ( For 10 guests or less)

  • Birthday Child is FREE

Pull String Piñata

  • Adds 10 minutes to Party

  • Simple Design filled with candy and toys

  • $75 ( For 10 guests or less)

  • Inquire for Specialized Designs

  • Birthday Child is FREE

Face Painting

  • Adds 20-30 minutes to Party

  • $50 Simple Designs (10 guests or less)

  • $100 Elaborate Designs ( 10 guest or less)

  • Birthday Child is FREE

Temporary Tattoos

  • Adds 10 minutes to Party 

  • $20 generic tattoos ( 10 guests or less)

  • $30 themed tattoos (10 guests or less)

Birthday Parties: Services
Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 6.36.47 PM.png
Photobooth Party Set
Kids Playing Tug of War

Glow Party

  • Add 20 minutes to the Party

  • Black lights & Glow Accessories

  • $60 (For 10 guest or less)

  • Birthday Child is FREE

Photo Booth

  • Adds 15 minutes to Party

  • $50 for Basic ( 15 guest or less)

  • Includes Backdrop & Props

  • Inquire for specialized themes

  • Birthday Child is FREE

Theme Inspired Games

  • Adds 20 minutes to Party

  • 2 Games sure to boost laughter and fun!

  • Cost will vary

  • Endless options for Exciting Games based off of your party theme!!!

Party Hostess

  • Adds 45 minutes to Party 

  • Help with serving food, cake and  closing out party with final activity

  • $150 ( For 20 guest or less)

  • Allows Birthday Child's Family to enjoy more!

Birthday Parties: Services
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