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Kid Dancing at Home

My daughter is 7 and has been dancing since she was 2, and Melodye is her favorite dance teacher. What makes this extra special is that they've never even met in person. I was lucky enough to stumble upon Melodye's online classes early in the COVID shutdowns. Madison loved them so much that we continued online private lessons with Melodye all year. She pushes Madison to improve each week but always makes it fun for her. Keeping a 7 year old working hard and loving it over zoom is no easy feat but Melodye is a master at it. I have seen a lot of improvement in Madison's technique and flexibility this year and it is thanks to her lessons with Melodye.

*Queens Mom*


My son (3 years at the time) took Melodye's incredible dance class at Broadway Dance Center.  When it came time for my son's birthday, I knew I wanted a small party with close friends and Melodye was available.  She created the absolute BEST birthday party, complete with a disco ball, bubbles, a parachute, singing, movement and her joyful spirit.  Melodye tailored the party to my son's interest in dinosaurs picking songs that were on theme and the kids loved!  Melodye connected with every kid there, but made sure my son felt really special and carved out significant moments to highlight his 4th year around the son.  Melodye came early, was extremely professional while creating so much fun for everyone (we still sing the songs today that she introduced to my son!)  I will never forget that party & Melodye's warm, calm and playful energy.

*NYC Mom*


My 8-year-old daughter started working with Melodye when she was 4-years-old.  Her ability to connect with her and teach her effectively at this age was unmatched!  She was so kind and inclusive while balancing control of the class and the instruction was awesome. They learned so many core elements while having a blast. She continued working with Melodye and she has been a dance mentor ever since.

*NYC Mom*


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*NYC Mom*

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